Dear biker,

Toro has given me the most beautiful adventures of my life!

Still I can often be found on the basis of torotrail and toroadventure. This is a motorcycle organization located in Spain (Malaga).
Enduro and allroad bikes are rented here. The enduro bikes are Husqvarna’s. A lot of FE350’s and also two strokes (TE300i, TE250i).
The allroad bikes they are using are BMW’s. The BMW R1200GS and BMW R1250GS.

Many organized trips are also arranged here. I am regularly present on these trips to make the most beautiful adventures with lovely people with a motorbike passion.

You want to join a beautiful bike adventure (with me)?

Check it out on the Toro websites and send an email to this organisation.

Enduro adventures:
Allroad adventures:

See you soon! 🙂